Trail Experiences

Every now and then we hear from people that have completed the trail…


A beautiful area of the Adirondacks that I had not previously explored. Seems very remote, saw only 10 people in four different encounters over 4 days. Saw thousands of mosquitoes though! Based on the wildflowers that I saw, the area must be magnificent in the spring though I don’t know if I could manage the black flies! Most odd encounter: A very large snapping turtle sitting on a log in the middle of the trail in a very wooded area, quite far from any water? (Large as in about 12-14 inches across the shell). Most pleasant experience: A perfect beaver track in a freshly mudded dam – while crossing so many might be boring for some, I loved the views from the dams! A check is in the mail to the above address for 2 patches please and I have included a self addressed stamped envelope as well. Thanks for creating this great opportunity! Laurie, Tillson, NY


Nice trail , beaver damns were really interesting and the huge trees you don’t see everyday. Around the lake it would be great if boaters were made to use boat access campsites and not backpacker campsites. We were lucky to share one with another backpacker because others had boaters using them , they had everything but the kitchen sink with them, they were even using chain saws for firewood. However the nearby boater campsites that we could not get to were empty. William. Bainbridge NY