Congratulations Cranberry Lake Trail Finishers!

Congratulations Cranberry Lake Trail Finishers!

When you complete the entire loop, please let us know by filling in the form below. Be sure to include your full name, hometown and state, and the date/time you completed the loop. If you were in a group, list the full name and hometown/state of everyone in the group in the box labeled ‘your message’  or, have each person in the group fill in the form individually.
Please register you completion in a timely manner. Each January (beginning in January 2020), the Five Ponds Partners will assign numbers to all finishers from the previous calendar year. The names and finishing numbers will be added to a spreadsheet that shows ALL CL50 finishers to date, and a link will be provided to that spreadsheet from the website.

If you would like the official CL50 patch to acknowledge your completion, please send your name and mailing address, along with a donation (minimum $5 donation suggested) to: FIVE PONDS PARTNERS, c/o Bill Gleason, PO Box 142, Wanakena, NY  13695.
Make checks payable to FIVE PONDS PARTNERS.  This is the one and only official patch, available only from FIVE PONDS PARTNERS.

Please fill out this form and send to us so your name can be added to the list of finishers.

If the form does not work please email