Cranberry Lake 50

Welcome to the Cranberry Lake 50!

Beaver Pond at Cranberry Lake. Some of the best Hiking in the Adirondacks!

Beaver Pond along High Falls Loop. Photo by Jamie Savage

    Cranberry Lake and the lands that surround it provide some of the best hiking, biking, paddling, fishing, skiing and camping experiences available in the northeastern United States. This corner of the Adirondack Park in Northern New York state is rich in forests, water, wildlife, peace and natural beauty. The Cranberry Lake 50 (a 50-mile circumnavigation of Cranberry Lake) is the perfect way to experience it all. In Cranberry Lake you will find authentic wilderness and you will connect to nature in way that is increasingly difficult in the northeast, if not the world. The Cranberry Lake 50 will guide you through this wilderness, through old-growth forests, past back country ponds, across a fascinatingly glaciated landscape, to peaceful campsites, a rejuvenated spirit, a laudable achievement and a memorable adventure.

Death From Life. Photo by Jamie Savage. At Cranberry Lake

Life from Death. Photo by Jamie Savage

    It’s not all about wilderness. The CL50 will also expose you to a community, a culture and a way of life common throughout the Adirondacks. You will pass through two ‘trail towns’ (historically and presently very small, nature-connected hamlets). Your adventure brings purpose to these towns, as similar outdoor pursuits have for well over 100 years. The CL50 is designed to welcome you to this area and encourage you to return.

    Most visitors hike the CL50 on foot during the warmer months of the year, but opportunities exist to bike parts of the loop, or even ski or snowshoe the loop when snow conditions allow (please see the new map for precautions regarding winter travel). Some go it alone, others hiking in small groups, perhaps with a dog companion or two. All seem to agree in the end that it was well worth it and are proud of their accomplishment.

     Realizing that the CL50 passes through small communities and adjacent to private property, please respect these communities, their property, and the people therein. Many of these folks helped make the CL50 a reality and/or have supported it in some way.

Ready to Hike?

Great! Please start with reading the pages below and either download the trail map or purchase our new brochure complete with full size map.

Cranberry Lake 50 Trails

Cranberry Lake 50 Trails There is no official loop direction, but the majority of people hike clockwise around the lake. The elevation gain is, obviously, the same either way, but ascents tend to be more gradual when hiking in the clockwise direction. There are actually several places one could start/end the CL 50, and parking is available at each. Importantly, there is also a register […]

Animals Along CL50

ANIMALS ALONG THE CL50 The forests, meadows and wetlands you will be traveling through harbor healthy populations of charismatic wildlife generally rare or absent elsewhere. In general, the animals are not to be feared, but respected and enjoyed from a distance. As wildlife is a State-controlled resource, regulations and information pertaining to hunting and fishing can be found at the NYS-DEC website, If you […]

State Land Regulations

Regulations Impacting Your Hike Along the Cranberry Lake 50 Much of the Cranberry Lake 50 traverses NYS Forest Preserve Land. Regulations differ somewhat depending on the state-land classification, Cranberry Lake Wild Forest Vs. Five Ponds Wilderness Area. Please note that nine (9) is the maximum group size (no exceptions) when camping in the Five Ponds Wilderness Area. Rules to be followed: Camping is prohibited within […]

Cranberry Lake 50 Map

  The new Cranberry Lake 50 map / brochure contains an updated map and lots of background information to help you plan your trip. Before you start your trip please download full Cranberry Lake 50 Trail Map here Or purchase the waterproof, tear-proof map for $9.95 at the following locations: Otto’s Abode, Wanakena Coffee Fever, Star Lake Lakeside General Store, Cranberry Lake The Trading Post/Pine Cone Grill, Wanakena Stone […]

The forests, meadows and wetlands you will be traveling through harbor healthy populations of charismatic wildlife generally rare or absent elsewhere.