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Otterbrook Trail

Otterbrook Trail

This trail marked in blue, starts just past Dog Pond (.8 miles) and connects into the Darning Needle Pond trail (marked in yellow) two hundred yards from Chair Rock Flow on the lake. The five-mile trail travels east to west. Please note that other "roads" branch off this Otterbrook Trail but the DEC has clearly marked these with "Arrow Signs" to keep you on the correct path. Some remnants of old hunting camps and related "stuff" are evident of a time when hunters were able to drive this road before it became Forest Preserve. At the intersection with the yellow Darning Needle trail, turn right (north) and head for the lake; Chair Rock Creek will be on the left. A campsite is located near the lake just west of the boat landing. The CL50 crosses the creek at this point and continues on the new South Bay Trail. Note: there is a NEW bridge across the Chair Rock Creek.

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