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High Falls Loop

High Falls Loop:

This is a popular loop trail that begins and ends in Wanakena and offers 16+ miles of hiking that can be done in one day. The CL50 leaves Sand Hill Junction and heads southwest on a red-marked trail towards High Falls. This section of the trail is often affected by beavers and may require a walk on a beaver dam before getting to the falls. However, the falls and the old growth white pines and yellow birch make the trip worthwhile. Upon arrival at the loop trail junction, turn left to visit the falls (0.4 miles) and lean-tos on either side of the Oswegatchie river. Returning to the trail intersection, bear left/west and continue traveling in a clockwise direction around the loop. At 4.3 miles from the above intersection there is a side trail of 0.2 miles that leads to High Rock, which offers two campsites and an impressive view of the 'Oswegatchie Oxbows.” Beyond High Rock the trail loops north and east, crosses Skate Creek, and arrives at a DEC register and metal gate just south of the once-mighty mill town of Wanakena.

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