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The Cranberry Lake 50 Map has new maps with campsites, trail descriptions, and hike details.

The waterproof, tear proof, printed maps are available for $8.95 at:

Adirondack Mountain Club (Lake Placid and Lake George)
Coffee Fever, Star Lake Lakeside General Store, Cranberry Lake
Otto’s Abode, Wanakena
Packbasket Adventures, Wanakena
The Mountaineer, Keene Valley
The Trading Post/Pine Cone Grill, Wanakena

Or by mailing $8.95 (Checks payable to Clifton-Fine Economic Development Corp.) to:
Cranberry Lake 50 Brochure PO Box 183, Wanakena, NY 13695-0183
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Dog Pond Loop

Dog Pond Loop    
The CL50 utilizes the western section of the Dog Pond Loop. The trail is marked in blue for the entire loop but the first 0.3 miles also has orange discs. The actual trail is marked closer to the lake than the current printed maps. Also note the DEC marked campsites on the lake a little over a mile along the blue trail. A side trail at 1.9 miles (marked in yellow) leads left/east to Hedgehog Pond. After following blue markers for another 2.5 miles, the trail passes campsites numbers 12, 13 and 14 and offers a beautiful view of East Inlet. The trail then bears left to a wooden bridge over East Creek at 3.0 miles.
The Dog Pond Loop continues south and east until it meets a trail on the right (4.1 miles) that comes up from East Inlet. Both trails continue to Curtis Pond at 4.2 miles, and then to an excellent campsite on the eastern shore under the white pine. The trail continues past Curtis and then Irish and several other small ponds on the left side. At 6.0 miles on the Dog Pond Loop, the trail enters a large clearing known as Prouix Camp, formerly an old logging camp. At this point the Dog Pond Loop heads north on a blue-marked trail to Burntbridge Pond. Note, the Dog Pond Loop trail does not go to Dog Pond. Continue on the trail (red) to the right for another .4 mile to Dog Pond. About .8 miles beyond Dog Pond, a trail intersects from the right. The CL50 makes a sharp right here and heads west on a recently marked trail not shown on many maps, the Otterbrook trail (Continuing straight leads to the Sucker Brook ski trail and then to a parking lot on the Grasse River south of the Yorkshire Easement and north of Hitchins Pond/Lows Lake access).
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