2017 Trail Completions

Did you complete the entire loop?

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  Name From Date of Completion
 896  Dwight Stevenson  Canton, NY  April 15th, 2017
 897  Alton Eckel  Salem, NH  April 23rd, 2017
 898  Nate Weeks  Gilford, NH  April 23rd, 2017
 899  Andrew Sores  Salem, NH  April 23rd, 2017
 900  Justin Martin  Stafford Springs, CT  May 3rd, 2017
 901  Marc Roll  Tonawanda, NY  May 6th, 2017
 902  James Appleyard  Glens Falls, NY  May 10th, 2017
 903  Nick Caola  Troy, NY  May 21st, 2017
 904  James Saddlemire  Brooklyn, NY  May 21st, 2017



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